SexiFit Workout

Recently, Apogee Media teamed up with Saida Leekong to create a workout video for her workout, SexiFit.

As a former NFL and NBA dancer, she, like most women, experienced the pressures of maintaining an unrealistic body image, These experiences led her to develop a platform to empower women of all ages, shapes, and sizes to embrace their bodies. The Official SexiFit Workout focuses on strengthening the core which is the essence of feminine power. The Official SexiFit Workout is a Fun, Upbeat Cardio Core Workout that will have you looking and feeling FIT & FIERCE and motivate you to OWN your SEXY!

The Official SexiFit Workout video will be available soon.

Check out a sneak peak of the SexiFit Workout:


Like what you see?

Take The Official SexiFit Workout at Power Studios every Wednesday at 8:30pm and every Saturday at 10:00am.

Go to to sign up!

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