Third Party Plug-ins for FCP X

At Apogee Media,  I use two different NLE’s to cut our projects; Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro X. Both programs are great to use but when I need to cut something on a quick turnaround time, Final Cut Pro X is my choice. Yes, FCP X did not have a great debut when it was first launched in 2011 but it has improved over the years with the frequent updates from Apple.

There are a lot of great plug-ins for FCP X that can help you.

Here are a few of my favorite plug-ins that I currently use FCP X:


For a yearly or monthly subscription, Red Giant Universe offers 60 effects and transitions for you to use in your projects. Universe 2.0 is the most current version of the subscription service that includes Knoll Light Factory EZ, HUD Components, and Glitch transitions. These effects and transitions can help add some flare to your projects.

Universe 2 is $99 for a yearly subscription or $20 for a monthly subscription.



Color Finale

If you’re used to the color wheels in FCP 7 or Adobe Premiere Pro, then this plug-in from Color Grading Central is a great alternative to the FCP X Color Board. Color Finale brings “industry standard grading tools in your FCP X timeline.” This plug-in contains RGB Color Wheels, Sliders, and Auto White Balance Controls.

There are two versions of Color Finale that you can purchase:  A regular version for $99 and a Pro version for $149. They also offer a 7-day free trial of Color Finale that is fully functional just in case you’re on the edge on purchasing this plug-in.


Motion VFX


Motion VFX offers a variety of plug-ins and templates for both FCP X and Motion. Some of the plug-ins that they offer include transitions, 3D and 2D titles, Callouts, Infographics, and Color Grades. Some of my favorites that I use on a regular basis are mTITLE, mLogo, and mCallouts.

The price for these great plug-ins fall around the $60 range. Motion VFX does offer a free version for some of the plug-ins on their site.


Fx Factory

This site provides visual and audio effects for Final Cut Pro X, Motion, Adobe Premiere Pro, Logic Pro, After Effects, Audition, Davinci Resolve, and even Garage Band. Fx Factory is basically an App Store for your favorite NLE, Audio, and Visual Effects application. The effects from this site are provided from companies such as Crumplepop, Sugarfx, Industrial Revolution and Cineflare, just to name a few.

They provide effects ranging from lower thirds to motion tracking to stylization. Some plug-ins that I use from Fx Factory are Data Pop, XEffects Messages, and Ripple 3D Title Animations.

The price ranges from Free to $399 but most of the effects offered are usually fall around the $40 to $60 range.


If you don’t want to spend any money and you’re all about the free, then check out sites like Rocket Stock, Rampant Design, and Premium Beat. From time to time, they offer free motion graphics assets, transitions, Sound FX, transitions, and even After Effects projects.



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